Mars crater

 One of the largest meteor impacts ever witnessed in the solar system was recorded by two different Mars missions. This impact caused seismic waves to severely envelop the planet, allowing scientists to learn more about the internal structure of Mars. The crater formed on Mars allowed us to learn more about the planet As a result of this collision, which took place on December 24, 2021, a magnitude 4 earthquake was observed with the NASA Insight vehicle. However, researchers examining surface images collected from orbit by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have noticed a huge crater forming at the same time as earthquakes following the meteor impact. Stating that such a large crater is unprecedented, the researchers hope that they will be able to reach more information about Mars. Scientists said that the discovered crater is an exciting moment in the history of geology, and they will continue their research. The meteor that hit the planet is estimated to be between 5 and 12 meters wide.

Samsung S23

 With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S23 in February, the smartphone market will gain another important player. We're looking forward to seeing the long-talked 200-megapixel camera alongside the significant performance boost in the South Korean manufacturer's new flagship phone. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is quite ambitious about the camera The other day, a visual appeared that presented the performance of the camera of the highly anticipated phone. According to the shared image, Samsung seems to have taken an important step in the camera with the S23 Ultra. The camera performances of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and S22 Ultra are compared in two different photo frames that appeared on Weibo. With It is stated that the zoom performances of the phones are compared in the photos taken. Although it is not clear where exactly was taken in the images, it is obvious that the two details that look like shutter doors are displayed much more clearly by the S23 Ultra. It is worth rememberi

Apple Mcbook

 ben kim miyim?  Apple's trial has stepped up for new MacBook Pro models, according to a new report by DigiTimes Asia. At the same time, an event will be held in October at the report ceremony. The M1 Pro and M1 Pro and M1 Pros are out in the June edits WWDC 2022 nominees. Apart from that, according to Bloomberg Mark Gürman, the MacBook Pro models, which are expected to be introduced in the weeks, will be in 14-inch and 16-inch versions. Working with TSMC for Apple, M2 Pro and Max chips. Even though it was made of 3 nm suitable structure type before, 5 stands out very much. The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, the most powerful models in the series, will come. No matter how we review the design in the last year, no intervention is expected in new design computers. The 2021 MacBook Pro made the switch from MagSafe and HDMI port to thinner bezels with a 1080p camera.